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Bobby Hasbrook III

Bobby Hasbrook​


Started surfing at 2

Born.Laguna Beach

Raised.San Clemente

2X WSA Tour Champion

West Coast Champion

Vans Pro Slam Tour Champion

Subaru Pro Champion

USA Nationals 2nd

DLSA Competitive Surfer of the Year

50+ 1st Place Wins

Published in Surfer magazine, The Inertia, Vice, Yahoo, DailyMail, Pacific Longboarder Magazine, Surfline, Magic Seaweed, Carve magazine, FreeSurf magazine, and so on. 

Whether it's pumping sandbar bombs at dawn, or long peeling nose rides at sunset, there's something for everyone in surfing.

I like to make sure I have the right board for the conditions.


I'm kinda known for usually always bringing multiple boards with me. 


"It's still surreal every time somebody asks me to make them a board, or that it's the best board they've ever ridden...


The fact I get to take my passion for surfing and give it to others.

I'm Blessed."

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Primarily recognized for his longboarding, Bobby spends an equal amount of time on other various surfcraft, making him a well-rounded surfer, evolving hydro-maniac, and grounded waterman.


Bobby is a firm believer in never focusing all of your imagination and creativity into just one thing.

"An open mind is needed,

for an open ocean we need."

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